Anton Baranenko


Anton Baranenko

Anton is an 21 years old freelance photographer based in Dresden, Germany and primarily specialized in landscape, event and advertising photography.

His passion for looking through the viewfinder started when he became 13 years old and has grown continuously till today. Capturing outstanding moments and saving them forever was and still is the most fascinating thing about photography for him.

Passionate about capturing the diversity and stunning beauty of our Earth, Anton always tries to bring the viewer mentally into his pictures by combining great light conditions, overwhelming nature and his personal touch of editing and composing.

Anton shoots with an Sony 7R II and several lenses. In addition to that, he uses a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone to capture pictures from above and different analogue cameras to get unique moments on film.

To order photo prints please visit Anton’s online shop.

Online Shop @bantko on Instagram


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